5 Reasons Why You Should Intern at the HRA

The following was originally posted in 2011

Upon landing in this city, the capricious weather that changes every 20 minutes welcomed me with a sun shower. As I walk on Al Bishara street, a party of tourists are absorbed in taking pictures of holy sites, while local kids warmly greet me in Arabic, “Nee hao, Jakkee shen

Yes, I came to Nazareth! More precisely, at the Arab Association for Human Rights (HRA), 200 m from Mary’s Well, 8681.68 km from Kawasaki, Japan (where I was born). Today, I will give you an insider scoop on what it’s like to work at the HRA, which doesn’t appear on the job description of our main website.

5 Benefits of joining the HRA team

1. Experience, experience, experience!

Interns assist the HRA’s work on development, international advocacy, and research and reporting. From Monday to Friday, 8:00 – 16:00, interns sit in the office and write documents, grant proposals, statements or press releases in English. Occasionally, we get to participate in human rights events organized by the Association such as the Evening Against Violence, and Civil Service in Israel.

Furthermore, the HRA is willing to implement interns’ new ideas. For example, Ryan (the other intern) and I proposed to conduct research on segregated Israeli education system. To add personal stories to available statistical research on education disparities among Israeli citizens (e.g., between Palestinian and Jewish populations), we will interview education experts, teachers, parents and students from both sectors. In addition to the analysis of current disparities between Arab and Jewish schools, we will also evaluate two different alternatives to the current education system: bi-national-bi-lingual approach and autonomous education system for the Arab population.

2. Explore Israel/Palestine

We take advantage of our weekends and travel all corners of Israel/Palestine. Examples include- visiting the Temporary International Presence in the City of Hebron (TIPH) who briefed us on Hebron’s tense situation; gazing at a beautiful forest at Nahal HaShofet (Wadi Tawahin) National Park; dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood at a Purim party in a small Kibbutz in Kinneret. People places and things here are mind-blowing in many ways.

Nahal HaShofet (Wadi Tawahin) National Park

3. Learn Arabic and Hebrew

By participating in various HRA’s events, speaking with the students that regularly come to the association and interacting with the people of Nazareth and Israel/Palestine, we naturally learn Arabic and Hebrew. Although our working language is English, we use Arabic after work, and Hebrew when we travel in Israel/Palestine. With a bit of effort we can be fluent in both languages after a period of 6 months!

4. Our Castle

The Association provides its interns with enormous, fully furnished apartment with HIGH-SPEED INTERNET!

Why are they so generous? Because it is an organization that combats discrimination and inequality. The partially paid internship intends to reduce unequal opportunities between interns from the industrialized countries and the Third World countries.

5. Children’s smiles

Working at the HRA provides opportunities to be inspired by our students and their smiles. After all, our work is all about trying our best to ensure equal opportunities and rights, defending their smiles and dreams for a better future.

Currently, we are accepting applications! Click Here to learn more

Please send your cover letter and CV to hra1@arabhra.org

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