Get to know an intern

Hello all!

This is me in my office

My name is Paul Karolyi.  I am recent graduate of the George Washington University where I majored in History and International Relations with a special concentration on Middle Eastern Affairs.  This year I will be working for the Arab Association for Human Rights here in Nazareth.

I see this blog as a place to share my personal thoughts and feelings about the issues we are dealing with at the HRA and life in Nazareth in a more general sense. There will be no deep esoterica concerning the intricacies of international law here.  I’ll keep it light.  If either my ongoing campaign to support New Gingrich’s Moonbase plan, my intense love of Nacho Cheese Doritos, or my weakness for a good pulpy Sci-Fi novel gets in the way, so be it.

Until next time,


3 thoughts on “Get to know an intern

  1. Hello Paul! Loving the blog. Excellent work. Give my love to all the HRA team, especially Souhair.
    I especially like the “5 Reasons to Join the HRA” post, and your recent visit to Nazareth Illit – it doesn’t look like that much has changed since I made the same trip up the hill in 2002. Is “suq al-khamis” still going strong?
    Alexander Key (HRA intern, class of 2003)

  2. Alexander,

    Thank you for the kind words. The HRA team sends their love to you as well. Souhair was effusive in her praise of your work here. You really made an impression, I only hope I can do the same. From what I’ve heard, “suq al-khamis” is going strong indeed, but I have yet to experience it for myself. Perhaps it will be the subject of a future post on here.

    I hope you keep reading, and don’t be shy to spread the word.

    Thanks again,


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