The Arab Association for Human Rights celebrates the graduation of a new group of human rights facilitators

Nazareth – This week the Arab Association for Human Rights (HRA) is proud to announce that a new group of students has graduated from our human rights training course.  In the name of “Mansur Kardosh”, the HRA’s founder, our “Human Rights Education and Community Outreach” program presents a new group of human rights facilitators.

21 college students participated in the course. With the HRA’s “Haq” Youth Group, they will go on to establish human rights forums, which will increase human rights awareness and facilitate public action through volunteer work and application of their human rights training. The “Haq” Youth Group has already successfully launched 19 of these human rights forums is various Arab cities and villages throughout Israel.

As trainees they were given 96 total hours of training, including special guest lectures, and covering various theoretical concepts and more practical applications. They learned about international human rights groups, minority rights, national rights and the specifics of how to manage and direct groups for the purpose of creating positive change.

The HRA’s general director, Mohammad Zeidan, took the opportunity to congratulate the new facilitators, “This is an opportunity to celebrate the culmination of the work of the HRA over the past 20 years.  We have always tried to promote a cultural respect for human rights in our society, especially among the young audience, so we are proud of our ability to send this new group of able youth leaders back into a society which is suffering human rights discrimination in so many ways.”

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